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So you say you’re the World champion?

4 Dec

Something stroke me last year, the words “world champion”. In fact, I think it never bothered me or it never came to my attention, but when the Giants won the XLVI Super bowl, I noticed the title: World champion. What!?

Don’t you find it a bit odd and chauvinist to be declared world champion when you win a game against a team from another State? Even worse, the teams could come from the same State! American football is played in… USA only, not in another Country. You could say that you’re the North American Champion, but in that case, you would have to win a game against the Grey Cup champion from the CFL. By the way, this year, the Toronto Argonauts won the 100th Gray Cup.

I don’t understand it and I find it pretty strange to hear it. Again this morning from an anchorman on NFL am.

But Hey, I’m just a french Canadian!